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Middle Aged White Boy offers a seldom-seen true story of the travails with bias during one law enforcement officer’s career; an issue which upended twenty-eight years on the job and a take-no-prisoners court case.
The story is one of American justice and a brand of bravery of an altogether different kind for a devoted officer of the law. Supported only by his Christian faith, wife, family, and a few friends, Shaw decided that the race and age discrimination set in motion by ethnocentric arrogance at the top rungs of local government wouldn't stop him from fighting back. It had ripped the heart out of the true meaning of affirmative action. The retired captain boldly took on government power and money and seemingly impossible odds, simply because it was the right thing to do. It’s the powerful tale of a man in blue, as well as the love story between a husband and wife whose love was strengthened in adversity. It is a true, fast paced, fascinating ride into the world of a well built and ethical law enforcement agency ripped apart by overzealous politicians, one who refers to his police department as “lily white” in his attempt to rid the agency of older Caucasian males.

The reader will be riveted by this hard-hitting story.

Packed with suspense, action, and an expert eye. He offers a rare vantage of police work and politics and he provides an incisive assessment of this country’s pervasive issue of race discrimination.

Michael Shaw is a retired police captain from the Sacramento Police Department. His experience covers every aspect of police work, including roles as a police officer, sergeant, homicide supervisor, SWAT lieutenant, narcotics division captain, and commander of one-half of the city's patrol forces

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